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X-Rated and Other Response to the “Drugging Your Kids On Flights” TVP.

X-Rated and Other Response to the “Drugging Your Kids On Flights” TVP

Our Travel Video Alert, Parents Drugging their Kids on Flights generated many passionate and off-the-wall responses from viewers globally.

Of the 100 or so sometime bizarre reactions, we selected a few to share as a Blog Response to the Travel Video PostCard

The Associated Press interviewed us about the TVP and the kinds of reactions we get from provocative videos like these.

Why share them?

Because in this viral, Internet world where ideas and content circle the globe quickly and forever, responses to the Travel Video PostCards are more candid and frequent than responses to text, and give us a fascinating snapshot into the minds of many.

These are uncut. The Travel Video PostCard can be seen at

“How about complimentary sedatives for the passengers? Drug everyone else BUT the kids?”

“We have been there… It is hard taking kids on an airplane. I apolagized to a person when complained about kids kicking the seat. But another parent (unknown to me) got into a fight and cried… “You don’t have any kids!”

“yeah don’t do benadryl especially if your a parent giving it to your kid. It isn’t physically addicting, but mentally unstable people that grow up taking any kind of drug get used to it. Weed is alright, but people that recreationally use benadryl DIE. It ****s you up.”

“i’d sooner listen to my kid scream then give drugs to them to keep them “calm” during travel! they are restless cuz they are friggin bored with tons of sweaty, smelly people all around them! what do you expect! Bring a book, gameboy,personal dvd player with fav. movies. that is better then drugging your kid!”

“i can see why people think this is a bad idea, but it does not hurt the kid unless he/she is allergic. Which the parent would know if he/she is. it may not look great form other people’s p.o.v. but at least you kid is not annoying other people.”

“I agree drug loud annoying kids, should use heroin instead of benadryl. Nothing worse than a loud crying kid on a 10h flight when you want to get some rest & peace. I also agree that there should be family sections on board the airplane don the back, sound sealed compartment.”

“ARE YOU KIDDING? You are worried about Benadryl when the state is drugging kids on KILLER PSYCH MEDS SUCH AS RITALIN, PROZAC, ETC? Those drugs KILL children! Get your priorities STRAIGHT, dude!”

And so it goes!

To see the Travel Video PostCard:

Headline: Druging your kids on a flight to keep theem calm and submissive is an increasingly common practice. A lot of people disagree!

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