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Word of Mouth Vs. Travel Search Technology

Turns out we’re less sophisticated than we think.

We use the latest, technology to chose a vacation, pick a restaurant or buy a cruise.

But the truth is, most of us buy travel based on word of mouth.

A major marketing firm says that 30 billion dollars worth of travel are spent based on opinions and recommendations of friends and relatives.

But how reliable are word of mouth recommendations…and why do we listen?

Judy Melanson is a travel and hospitality executive at Chadwick Martin Bailey in Boston. She says that that more and more we want advice from people who know us. We search community for opinions and recommendations, and Uncle Joe’s advice is always preferred over expert technology.

We guess that’s why Google is sweating Facebook because travel search trends are moving in the direction of qualitative searches, information provided by community, friends and family and not the kind of data-driven searches provided by Google that give accurate, but often useless information relative to travel opinion and impressions!

Sure, those marketing dollars aren’t wasted, and Google is poerful and impressive, but it’s nice to know Uncle Joe is in the know too.

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