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Security Concerns for Women Traveling Alone

We’re no friend of the negative image of “woman as victim,” but the truth is that women traveling alone do need to take some specific security precautions.

The good news is many of these precautions are common sense and easy to implement.

For example, women travelers suggest that women always ask for directions from other women or women with families.

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Their take on what’s safe is often very different from that of men.

Obviously choose a hotel where security is good and transportation is easily available and nearby. Be especially sure the parking lot and lobby areas are well lighted.

It’s also best not to announce you’re traveling alone. Some women advise wearing a wedding ring if you’re single…and since fashion does make a statement, what you consider casual clothing might be seen as provocative in other places.

It’s best to take your clues from local women.

Veteran female travelers agree that walking and acting with confidence and sense of purpose are crucial when on the road.

Few things attract trouble more than standing around looking lost.

Some hotels have actually created more expensive “women only” floors in response to security issues and the traveling preferences of women who may opt for different toiletries, fluffier blankets and maybe more gender-specific attention.

It’s a controversial move.

Some women say a separate floor is demeaning, and frequent-flying journalist Jeri Clausing says she’d welcome a women-only floor with better products, lighting, mirrors and the like. But she absolutely won’t pay more for it.
Since 43% of all  travelers are female, she argues, every hotel ought automatically to provide the best security and service possible.


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