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What Really Goes on in the Cockpit: This Week’s Travel Tips, Trips and Traps

This Week’s Travel Tips, Trip and Traps

Top Ten Things Airlines Don’t Tell You
Do pilots and flight attendants have relationships in the air?
What do pilots do when they have to take a pee? What goes on in that sacred space, the cockpit? thinks you’d like to know, and we would. So here’s their flight secrets revealed. Well, some of them.
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How Not To Be Overwhelmed By London
London is a very exciting, very expensive city, but a terrific destination, especially for families. In fact we have a 1-minute video on Taking Your Family to London with all kinds of simple but useful tips.
Lonely Planet has a fun post on interesting day trips in London as a way of taming the trip.   Day trips from London
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Facebook Offers: Why Are They Doing It Again?
I think we’re all suffering from consumer fatigue, bombarded by “daily deals.”
It’s a brutal space, and we wonder why Facebook with its Facebook Offers has tried, again, to get back in the game. Why would they? It’s unique though, in that Facebook is turning all the tools and message over to the merchants
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Family Travel Takes Economic Hit
No surprise here. Record gas prices and soaring jet fuel costs are taking their toll on Family Travel.
While most families are making adjustments in their travel plans, a full 70% say they are planning on some sort of family vacation this summer.
While there are lots of reasons families travel, 85% say the most important reason is being together as a family
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Second, Third or Fourth Hotel Night Free?
Is it a real deal? Could be. But do the math. Often using a reliable web site like or could save you more money with better hotel deals than the free nights do.


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