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Video Book Reviews/Promos Drive Book Sales More than Print


Video Book Reviews (VBR)

So, authors, publicists and publishers, truthfully, how many media releases have you sent out promoting a book or author, and how are they working for you?

Simply, video brings your book to life with action and effects, and video motivates the undecided or marginally interested  42% more effectively than print or text.

New Media Travel and Travel Video PostCards now offer publicists and authors 1-2-minute Video Book Reviews Reviews/Promo or VBR . Video is simply a more effective and dramatic way to connect with buyers, than print or text.  Here is a recent Video Book Review

Print/Text reviews have dropped significantly, and Amazon and other book sellers want video for your book to increase sales.

What we do for you:

* Your VBR  becomes part of our 5 million plus views TV Channel as a VBR  playlist.
* It reaches 2000 subscribers instantly
* It is posted to YouTube
* It circulates via YouTube to, and is often embedded on thousands of websites and web pages.   The VBR can be posted as Video Features to high-value sites,  Travel Weekly, Technorati Travel, Family Travel Forum, TripAdvisor, etc.
* You can put this on Amazon! Amazon wants video for your book. We can help with that
* It becomes promoted via our 14,000 follower-based  Social Media activity
* We place promotional messages within the video that promotes your book and links to a website, seller, etc.
* We feature your travel VBR on our visual mailer, reaching 36,000 travel professionals.
* You have a compelling video promotion of your book for you to market and circulate as you or your publisher wish.

Ask us for stats. For detailed viewer demographics. Ask for a demo.

Why not email to set up a time to talk further.  If you’re interested, do share with your client.  Who else is offering you more?

Cheers and thanks!



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