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Viaje a Belfast en Espanol

Viaje a Belfast en Espanol

Este es Kaleel Sakakeeny con su tarjeta de video postal. Digale hola a Belfast, norte de Irlanda. Donde hoy las tabernas sirven cerveza y amistad Y los jardines cubren memorias de pasados conflicto…

Say hello to Belfast, Northern Ireland…

Today pubs pour lager and friendship

and gardens cover memories of past conflicts and the troubles

Today the arts flourish

Majestic building welcome

And the rain drizzled streets host classy restaurants and shoppers

But the murals on the walls still speak of the past pain of this now vibrant, safe city

Murals made mute by the courage of its people and the bustle of its markets

And the energy of the young

If ever a phoenix rose from the ashes

Belfast is it

So, Here’s to a city’s resilience

A peoples welcoming warmth

Whose pot of gold at the rainbow’s end

Is a Belfast United

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