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UK Travel News: Kids and Candy

Chocolate warning

British holidaymakers have been urged not to buy duty-free chocolates in the run-up to Easter because confectionery is up to 150 per cent more expensive at British airports than in supermarkets. A survey by, the shopping-comparison website, found that chocolates such as Toblerone (400g/14oz) and Lindor (400g) are as much as £4.50 dearer in airport shops than in leading supermarkets.

Truancy travel

Almost half of British parents are willing to take their child out of school to avoid the high prices during the peak holiday season, according to a survey by TNS-RI Travel and Tourism, a market research company.

In 2004, the Government introduced fines of up to £100 to deter parents from this practice, but more than one in four parents aged under 45 said they were willing to face the consequences to secure a better deal on their holiday.

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