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Billions Spent, But Are We Any Safer?


Billions Spent, But Are We Any Safer? In its usual witty, acerbic but always readable content,  looks at the Transportation Security Administration’s huge expenditures on air travel since 9/11 in their efforts to keep us safe. How big is huge? Fifty-six plus billion dollars spent on schemes and strategies that more of ten than not fall flat or never ... Read More »

TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed

TripAdvisor Plot Thickens: Second Charges Filed The review giant seems reeling these days with legal and PR woes from all directions. In the latest plot development,  reports that a more serious complaint against TripAdvisor  has been lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority, the UK organization charged with regulating advertising across all media. The second probe, instigated by reputation management ... Read More »

Why Is Hotel Web Content so Boring?

Why Is Hotel Web Content so Boring? There was an interesting round table  discussion recently sponsored by visual content management powerhouse, VFM Leonardo . The basic question the panel was asked to consider was this: Why is hotel web site content so boring, and how can it be made more engaging for the traveler? It so happens, that the initial  ... Read More »

When Do We Share Travel Information? ?

When Do We Share Travel Information? We recently did an article on why social media mavens don’t use their social media accounts to complain about bad service or disappointing travel experiences. Now, according to the  marketing company, Milestone,  there’s a twist to this thinking. While travelers may prefer to lodge their travel complaints directly to the hotel or destination, it ... Read More »

TripAdvisor Takes Legal Action Against Fake Reviews: Trouble Ahead?

TripAdvisor’s Legal Action Goes Forward: Trouble Ahead? Chris Emmins, reporting for KwikChex, says that the legal action TripAdvisor is now taking against hotels that solicit and post false reviews, is “tearing TripAdvisor apart.” KwikChex the dogged, Wikipedia-like global reputation protection company based in the UK, just reported that TripAdvisor has proceeded against hotels that have egregiously faked positive reviews on ... Read More »

Are Facebook Fans Really Useless?

Are Facebook Fans Really Useless? Depends. If a Facebook page is designed to generate revenue, says,,  there’s a problem. The online research and news site says 70 percent of Facebook users do not want to be advertised to by the very same businesses they “fan.” New Media Travel/Travel Video PostCard, the company  I mostly work for, has some 7,000 ... Read More »

Why We Are Sexier When We Travel


Why We Are Sexier When We Travel We knew travel was a terrific aphrodisiac, we just couldn’t prove it. Then came a report that the majority of couples have more sex in a week’s vacation than they do in two months at home! We knew there’s actually a Mile High Club with certain airlines offering sex in the sky for ... Read More »

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