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Travel Killarney, Ireland: Gleann Fia, Travel Video PostCard

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Its so very easy to feel at home at Gleann Fiaa country inn tucked in a glade on the outskirts of Killarney, Ireland
Settle into any cozy corner, sip a good coffee and enjoy some rough, fresh, bread.

Questions about where to go and what to see? Gleann Fia Host, Conor is a trove of information

Stretch your legs by a stream on a woodland path,and meet some curious neighbors.

Or take a short skip into town, Killarney,
Killarney is one of Irelands favorite tourist spots, and its alive with pubs and cafés and a colorful spirit.

Return to the warmth of Gleann Fia and awake to a hearty breakfast,
a bit of wit
and Hostess, Bridget,
who can put a smile on any face
and guarantee, a wish to return,
or , as they say in Gaelic..

May we have health to meet like this again.

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