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Travel as an Aphrodisiac

Travel as an Aphrodisiac

We’re not talking here about the sleazy sex travel trade involving unsuspecting women coerced into sex by unscrupulous men.
And we know that the Internet is full of web sites promising the “best adult vacations with exciting women,” or “world wide sex adventures.”
But an recent article in the Daily Californian said that Sex is often the sole reason people become travelers: to spice up their sex lives or simply to get sex.

The author doesn’t approve of sex tourism, but she says sex on the road can be exciting whether it’s in a mirror clad hotel room in Copenhagen or a night train with its rocking motion.

Any one seeking sex on the road or on beach or wherever needs to take precautions like carrying and using condoms, never putting yourself or anyone else in harm’s way or breaking the law.

Travel is a terrific aphrodisiac as long as it’s not hazardous to your health… or anyone else’s.

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