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Top Travel Tricks

Every so often we get asked for a handful of our favorite travel tips and tricks,” so here are a few:

Travel Tricks

• Don’t see more than two of the same kind of thing in the same day. . Eyes and mind will blur.

• Traveling with kids, let them handle the money (Euros, dollars, etc). Builds math and social skills.

• Split up. Go in different directions for a day or part of it. Come together over a drink or lunch and share experiences.

• Planning a trip is very different from researching a trip. Planning involves everyone, sharing, and insures they get to see what they want w/o criticism.

• Do nothing! A walk in the park can be better than seeing the Mona Lisa.

• Eat street food. Well, in most places. Especially North Africa and Middle East.

• Visit coffee houses. Learn the local games like Backgammon or L’Hombre in Denmark…originally 17th century Spain. Popular in Jutland.

• Skip the hotel. Rent an apartment for stays longer that 3. Live like a native.

• Put a comb, teeth up, in the fold of your wallet. Foils pick pocketers.

• The best Roman mosaics in the world may be in the Bardo in Tunis. See Virgil writing the Aeneid attended by two muses.

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