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Tired of Traveling With UnPleasant People?

Tired of Traveling With Ugly People?

No, this doesn’t come from us, but from someone who Tweeted about a new travel-dating site called,
It’s pretty much a travel dating site…with plenty of innuendo.
The explanatory video asks are you attractive, love to travel, but don’t have the money?
It then explains that there are plenty of wealthy types (all men) like doctors, athletes, bankers, executives and other well-heeled guys who don’t want to travel alone.

To be launched April 24th, the site brings the two groups together.
The descriptions under the names of some of the “gorgeous women” listed as ready and eager to travel are are, well, provocative:
Sheriyna says, “Let’s Go To Paradise Together,” and Mandy is a “Hot Girl (who) Seeks Financially stable man,” and Maryann says she’s “Classy and Sexy.”
All have the tag line, “Ill show you my town. I’ll travel with you. I’ll come to you.”
The guys, or Gentlemen Members like Italian Kisses says, simply, “Italian Kisses,” while Texan323 (44 years old, from Texas and athletic) simply asks, “Hope you have your bags packed.”

The site is the brainchild of Brandon Wade founder of what some say is the largest “sugar daddy dating web site in the world,.”
Wade told me that 10,000 people have signed up already and the site isn’t even officially  launched. That’s about 2K a day.
The press release quotes CNN as saying that only 30% of Americans have passports. The spin is that lots of people don’t travel because they don’t have the money.
But “Who needs money? Beautiful people travel free,” is the simple marketing pitch. Left unexplained is how to define “beautiful” or “attractive.” But then again, not to sign up would be admitting to not being attractive or beautiful.

I asked Wade if he thought the site is sexually exploitative? He said that it’s a dating and travel site, and that implies “people expect chemistry…they are, as consenting adults, often looking to hook up.”
What about liability issues, like sexual abuse? “There are lots of thins we do to protect ourselves,” he said. And referred to the Travel Advice and Safety Tips section of the site.

To which we say, caveat emptor


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