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Time for An All-Family Airline?

Most Americans are not anti-kids, just some mean-spirited, presumably well-heeled ones who fly first class.

As part of a recent spate of comments in thread on kids and families flying first class, one guy (maybe a woman) said:

“ If I paid money for first class, I WILL GET FIRST CLASS. I don’t want any ROTTEN CHILDREN anywhere near me…Or breathing MY FIRST CLASS AIR, THAT I PAID FOR.” (sic)


And he/she was not alone. Some said kids and families don’t belong on planes at all.
Others said the airlines should charge an additional 10% to guarantee a “kid free zone.”

One free-market flyer advocated flying just those airlines that make flying an “adult only” experience, saying how terrific it would be would be if families could be confined to the back of the plane.

He (or she) argued for a “Family-only Travel Section” in the rear of the aircraft, turning the plane into an airborne playpen.

What’s bugging them is that kids are cranky, cry, scream … and too many of them are not toilet trained.

In other words, they behave like kids.

But wait.

What if the “no kids allowed” crowd have hit upon a brilliant, entrepreneurial travel idea: An all-Family Airlines?

Actually there was a Family Airlines in the 90’s but it was shut down because of fraud!

But there is an all-pet airline, Pet Airways

And several cruise lines have “quiet spaces” or adults-only sections of their ships.

So maybe some genius will create another Family-only Airline where like-minded Moms, Dads and Kids can play, fly and relate to each other without the grinches.
Still, we wonder about some of the obnoxious adults we’ve flown with.
Many of my seatmates have behaved worse than kids.
Maybe they were badly toilet trained.

What do you think: Ban Families from First Class?

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