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The Twitter Virtual Concierge

Enter the UK’s First Twitter Virtual Concierge

Britain’s largest hotel chain, Premier Inn Hotels announced what it calls the UK’s “first Twitter concierge service.”

Travel Daily News says it will “shake up the traditional concierge service” by letting guests tweet@PremierInn and ask for recommendations about anything from local family activities, the nearest karaoke bar, emergency medical care, theatre tickets…all the stuff that one would normally ask a human concierge.

At the moment, the service is only offered on weekends running through November, but spokesperson Steve Conway says the service will likely be extended if guests find it helpful and interesting.

Which he’s sure they will.

Former flight attendant Danielle Lineker who the Travel Daily News says, “ has a background in providing quality customer service” acted as the first “virtual concierge” on launch day.

But a quick search under “Danielle Lineker” turned up a sexy, Welsh-born lingerie model whom Wikipedia confirms was a flight attendant, and also a model for Maxim.

Her photos are searchable on Google.

Undaunted, Premier Inns (850 of them) appear serious about their Twitter concierge service and laid out the rules and regs in Travel Daily News:

* Guests must mention #PIconcierge when tweeting to ensure a response
* All #PIconcierge will be responded to by an appointed Premier Inn concierge
* Responses will come from the @PremierInn Twitter account
* Premier Inn cannot be held responsible for providing any incorrect information to guests that choose to use the Twitter concierge service
* Premier Inn is not endorsing any of the products, places or services which are mentioned through the Twitter concierge service

The site says Danielle will also offer “romantic tips” for couples.

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