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The Sweetest Days Fade the Fastest

From Drop Box

(images by Wendie Hansen)

In summer’s veil of green and plants adrip
with morning dew
When random scented breezes like mischievous children
Play in trees
Rousing lazy
Then suddenly stop making all the silence stiller.
It’s then my heart aches for the sweet days,
The ones that fade the first
When standing with a whole summer’s friends to play with
Was all the world to know

From Drop Box

When days were measured by the crack of a bat
And frosty glasses of lurid colored drinks
And now and again stolen glances
At the local girls,
Eyes raised in vague assessment of tom boy legs and budding breasts.
And then the call to dinner late in the cat like dusk
And then to sleep like no other sleep since.
Those days were truly sweet
And just as certain to be the first to fade.

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