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The Failure of Travel

The Failure of Travel

For those of us who are professionally in the travel space, why isn’t the fact that American, British and European young men are brutally fighting for ISIS/ISIL part of our work?

Belgium has sent more fighters to ISIS than any other European country. ISIS’ military expenditures exceed those of Ireland.

And yet as travel content providers we never write about the culture and conditions that make this possible.
We talk of the “charms” of a country,” the wonderful food and sunsets.  Videos of kittens on flights.

What is happening in the Middle East is our concern, as travel writers. NOT how it affects profits, or routes or ports of call. But as part of our responsibility to understand cultures and provide insights into their values and histories and help travelers understand what is going on, where and why.
Sooner or later we will be called upon to explain why we were talking about great margaritas and flight loads while countries and history were being destroyed, and we fiddled with the newest hotel somewhere in the fantasy we perceive as travel.

Kaleel Sakakeeny


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