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The Cross, The Crescent and The Sounds of Andalusia, Spain


Audio Travel Postcard: Andalusia, Spain


Please click the player above to travel to Andalusia via the Sounds of Spain

This Spain Audio and Video Postcard takes travelers on a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to  Grenada and Seville, among the country’s most authentic cites

The Postcards are a unique video travel experience, taking viewers through the exciting cities of Andalusia, Spain, where Jews, Christian, Muslims lived peacefully, created a vibrant intellectual and artistic life and succeeded in the arts and sciences, in Andalusia. They created together, worked together and accepted each other’s religion.

Too bad the Middle East today can’t learn from Andalusia, Spain.

Listen to the wonderful flamenco music with its mournful guitars and beautiful women.; Spanish eyes and Spanish hearts.

We don’t quite taste Spanish cooking but our Travel Video PostCard gives us the flavors we want.

Come to Spain’s Andalusia.

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  1. Will check it out….many thanks

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