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The 7 Travel Superstars I Wish I could Have a Drink With

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So, OK, if I could have a few drinks with any of these travel industry heroes, I’d be happy…and learn a lot. And maybe I could stop blogging. Or blog better.

May I buy you a drink….

1 Arnie Weissmann, the bright, capable and honest editor in chief of Travel Weekly. He likes martinis and travels more than anyone I know. Great guy.

2 Kyle McCarthy. Imagine being the CEO of a web site that he WSJ and other high value media consider the best family travel site on the Internet? Her site, Family Travel Forum, simply is the best there is for family travel information. And she’s a New Yorker through and through and a cool lady.

3 Paul English, co-founder of Kayak. Of course Paul has helped make the site a household word, but he’s involved in many good humanitarian causes internationally. And besides, he’s a Boston boy who’s done good

4 Steve Kaufer, CEO of Trip Advisor. Did have coffee with Steve, twice I think. Time for something stronger! Steve is a miracle worker. I remember when TA was a hole in the wall. The rest they say is history. Great family guy, and I have at least ten questions to a ask him.

5 Wendy Perrin. Used to read her reports faithfully, then left print. I see she’s on Twitter. Always loved her insights. Never met her. It’s time. What’ll you have, Wendy?

6 Gay Myers. Anyone who spends as much time as Gay does in the Caribbean for Travel Weekly has to know a lot of cool hidden spots! When are you free, Gay?

7 Markos Moulitsa Zuniga. OK, so Moulitsas is not a travel guy, but the founder of Daily Kos is such a force and his book Taking on the Steam such a gutsy look at New Media and today’s politics that I’d stay up all night with him. Drinking of course

Anyone who wants to join us for a drink, that’s OK. But don’t hog the conversation since I’m buying!

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