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Why We’re Unhappy With Travel Web Sites


Why We’re Unhappy With Travel Web Sites To most, “Travel Agent” means the company on the corner with a couple of big glass windows, lots of fading brochures lying around and inside, a faint whiff of yesterday. But the term “Travel Agent” also refers to giants like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Thomas Cook, AAA and lots of others, referred to as ... Read More »

Social Media In Travel: Over-Hyped, Under-Hyped, Or Who Cares


Social Media Influence Weak In Travel So began the article, more or less. We’ve chided the travel industry for not moving fast enough into the world of social media. But we’ve been told that we’re mischaracterizing travel, and been pointed in the direction of JetBlue’s successful Foursquare loyalty program. And that’s true as far as it goes. JetBlue, Chicago ... Read More »

How Not To Run A Travel Media Lunch


How Not To Have A Travel Media Lunch It may be that I’m hypercritical, but I don’t think so. After the umpteenth Travel Media/Press lunch,  I declined the last few simply because  they promised to be  photostatic copies of most every other press lunch held. In spite of some web sites that offer advice most PR-driven media lunches still  mirror ... Read More »

Group Messaging: SXSW’s Hot Topic And Good News For Travel


Group Messaging: SXSW’s Hot Topic, And Good News For Travel It’s not easy to wrap your mind (or your body) around this year’s South by South West (SXSW) music festival and industry conference just completed in Austin, Texas. There seemed to be, as Allison Fenterstock writes in NOLA, more official showcases, more films, more book signings, smart phone apps, fashion ... Read More »

Travel Trends 2011: Truth, Myth and Pith


Travel Trends 2011: Truth, Myth and Pith The bright researchers at PhoCusWright consistently deliver quality insights and information about travel industry trends, but translating their lofty “market-speak” into language travelers can use, can be daunting. The recent webinar aptly called Truth, Myth and Pith, PhoCusWright’s 2011 Travel Trends was pithy indeed. It featured the usual stellar group of researchers, communications ... Read More »

What Can A Grocery Store Teach Travel?

What Can A Grocery Store Teach Travel? So why isn’t the travel industry using Foursquare to increase business and build a loyal travel base the way Vons is? Contrary to what the puerile think, Foursquare is not about badges and mayors. 

The location based service giant is all about making deals with commercial partners, and creating new ways of rewarding ... Read More »

Mission: Impossible? Not for JetBlue’s Agent Zero!


Mission: Impossible? Not for JetBlue’s Agent Zero! by Sarah Leaf-Herrmann JetBlue’s Manager of Corporate Communications, Morgan Johnston, says “The mission of JetBlue is to ‘bring humanity back to air travel.’ If that isn’t Mission: Impossible, what is? So when I read that NY Times best-selling author and online community expert, Chris Brogan, awarded Johnston the title “Agent Zero,” – someone ... Read More »

“Family Travel” TweetChat: This Week’s Transcript


The best conversation about Family Travel happens live every Wednesday night at 9 pm ET TwitterChat #FTFChat Join us! #ftfchat Transcript from March 2, 2011 to March 3, 2011 All times are Pacific Time   March 2, 2011 12:24 am familytravel4um: What concerns do you have about family travel? We want to hear about them so join our next ... Read More »

The Next, Best Air Fare Search Engine!


The Next Best Air-Fare Search Engine? Don’t let that cute, little chipmunk with the aviator goggles fool you! Hipmunk is, at last, an air- fare search engine that’s elegant, simple and free from the agony of plowing through pages of results that most air fare search engines throw up. If what you want is flight info that’s worth your while ... Read More »

Are Foursquare’s Mayors Doomed?


Are Foursquare’s Mayors Doomed? So, how long will being a Foursquare Mayor matter now that the 6-million strong Location Based Service is moving toward segmentation? In fact, is there any real “grown up” reason to being the “Mayor” of Joe’s Coffee shop? Is there any “grown up” reason to being a Foursquare Mayor of anything? It’s a bit like collecting ... Read More »

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