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TripAdvisor Takes Legal Action Against Fake Reviews: Trouble Ahead?

TripAdvisor’s Legal Action Goes Forward: Trouble Ahead? Chris Emmins, reporting for KwikChex, says that the legal action TripAdvisor is now taking against hotels that solicit and post false reviews, is “tearing TripAdvisor apart.” KwikChex the dogged, Wikipedia-like global reputation protection company based in the UK, just reported that TripAdvisor has proceeded against hotels that have egregiously faked positive reviews on ... Read More »

Are Facebook Fans Really Useless?

Are Facebook Fans Really Useless? Depends. If a Facebook page is designed to generate revenue, says,,  there’s a problem. The online research and news site says 70 percent of Facebook users do not want to be advertised to by the very same businesses they “fan.” New Media Travel/Travel Video PostCard, the company  I mostly work for, has some 7,000 ... Read More »

TripAdvisor “Makes Nice” With Hotels

TripAdvisor “Makes Nice” With Hotels At least that’s what most observers think. Or they believe the move is a reaction to Google’s increasingly strong forays into the travel space. The relationship between hoteliers and TripAdvisor has not been a happy one. Successful hotel managers or innkeepers like Dick Pabich of the popular Salem Inn in Salem, Massachusetts, have been burned ... Read More »

Social Media Bullies Hold Hotels Hostage

Social Media Bullies Hold Hotels Hostage There is no doubt that hotels and retail will go to great lengths to avoid negative publicity. It’s in their DNA. In many instances, whether or not a guest or customer’s complaint is legitimate or warranted, companies, and hotels in particular, will “buy” the guests good will or silence by providing an upgrade or ... Read More »

Please Visit Our New Facebook Page

To our blog readers: Just in passing, we now have 7, 000 plus “likes” or “fans” or “followers” on our vibrant and informative Facebook pages Be great if you checked it out. Love to have you be part of the conversation and share in our Travel Video PostCards, images, video travel channel comments, feeds…whatevers. Thanks! Kaleel Read More »

Government Investigates Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

Government Investigates Fake TripAdvisor Reviews A few weeks back we reported on the stink being raised by the discovery that hotels were bribing their guests with discounts and free room stays if they wrote positive reviews about a property. We noted the corrupt or compromised reviews seemed most prevalent  in UK, and quoted TripAdvisor’s UK spokesperson as being rigorously opposed ... Read More »

New Travel Sites: Less Here Than Meets the Eye?

New Travel Sites: Less Here Than Meets the Eye? If you looked at’s web site you’d be impressed. It’s attractive, kinetic and well done. The company, founded by Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz, stresses that travel is “experiential,” and that travelers have to “get out of their comfort zone.” That’s their brand message. They want travel “to delve beneath ... Read More »

The Curse of the Roaming Charge


The Curse of the Roaming Charge Or, roaming charges can be dangerous to your health. Heard the latest horror stories about travelers experiencing near-cardiac arrest when they get  the bill for roaming charges from their mobile provider? For example, Michelle Higgins, writing in The New York Times, tells the story of a Verizon customer traveling in Jamaica, who racked up ... Read More »

Travelers Don’t Use Social Media to Complain

Travelers Don’t Use Social Media to Complain Would you ever tell a Facebook friend that your stay at a hotel really “sucked,” or can you see yourself going public on Twitter with a rant about some resort’s horrible customer service or food? It  seems, says that  although we’re big users of social media, and often inclined  to grouse to ... Read More »

How Will Google + and Panda Affect Travel?


How Will Google + and Panda Affect Travel? pretty bluntly said that Google +, in conjunction with Panda updates, “could be the biggest shift in search since it took off 13 years ago.” Up to now the mysterious ways of Google’s algorithms  were the greatest source of digital traffic to travel companies and their web sites or content pages. ... Read More »

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