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Death by Too Many Reviews: When is Enough Enough?


Death by Too Many Reviews: When is Enough  Enough? Reviews do matter. A report by SAS noted that positive reviews (less so TripAdvisor-based rank and brand), followed by lower price were the most important influencers of choice. And lower price or higher ratings don’t overcome the impact of negative reviews. But even in America, it’s possible that more isn’t better. ... Read More »

More Choices or No Choices as Travel Sites Merge


Blurring of Travel Sites May Hurt Consumers Christopher Elliott, as usual, provides special insights into the “blending” of online travel agents and the impact on travelers. In the Seattle Times,  he suggests that Travelocity’s strategic marketing agreement” with long time competitor Expedia could give consumers more travel choice. Or, he suggests, it could create some sort of travel agency monopoly, ... Read More »

Collaborative Consumption: Where Travel Access Trumps Ownership


Collaborative Consumption: Where Travel Access Trumps Ownership In a very compelling article somewhere in Lonely Planet’s Blog, Vivek Wagle, head of content and marketing at Airbnb makes the compelling argument for “collaborative consumption,” the basic business and ethical underpinning of his wildly successful “places to stay” service and website. Basically, he points, we are living in a world of “social accommodation ... Read More »

The End of the Frustrating Booking Process?


New Social Technologies Demand Online Travel Agents Deliver Better Service USAToday reported that online travel companies “lag behind e-commerce retailers…in delivering a positive consumer experience.” No surprise here. For anyone who has tried booking travel that involves a flight more complicated than flying from Point A to Point B, the explanation is obvious. And it’s obvious even for those who ... Read More »

Why The WiFi Fuss? Hotel Guests Should Never Have to Pay for It


Why The WiFi Fuss? Hotel Guests Should Never Have to Pay for It Hotel guests have said it again and again: after location, and service that exceeds  expectations, free and reliable WiFi matters the most. So why do hotels charge for WiFi and why do guests have to struggle find a location that works? Hotelchatter says that while most hotels ... Read More »

Social Media Insider Summit: Will You Be There?


Social Media Insider Summit: Will  You Be There? By Suzie Saw It’s easy enough to remain perpetually plugged in to your favourite social media channels – in fact some of us start to feel a little bewildered when disconnected from that comforting collective consciousness. But the need to make basic contact, face to face, is still a fundamental human need ... Read More »

Is “Socialgraphics” Travel’s Next Big Social Media Thing?


Is “Socialgraphics” Travel’s Next Big Social Media Thing? We frequently reported in New Media Travel that hotels notoriously use photos of empty swimming pools, restaurants and rooms in their marketing material for fear of offending potential customers. Their thinking is that couples without children, for example, will be discouraged by pictures with children in them, while families may be be ... Read More »

Wi-Fi, Yes. Talking to Co-Passengers, No


Wi-Fi, Yes. Talking to Co-Passengers,  No And we told you so. In a New Media Travel article we discussed the low to-no threat that cell phones pose to navigation, and why some many airlines like Emirates are permitting cell phone use in flight. US-based airlines don’t. But we also said most passengers don’t actually want to talk in the air. ... Read More »

Are Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity Becoming Extinct?


Are Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity Becoming Extinct? With Priceline’s recent purchase of price comparison engine, Kayak, for $1.8 billion in a cash-and-stock deal, the question,  will Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline  and Travelocity be around in five years, could either be exceptionally relevant or exceptionally irrelevant. But it’s a fascinating question, and  was bold enough to ask it. Their disclaimer was ... Read More »

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