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Taking the Kids to London

How to Take The Kids to London

Kaleel Sakakeeny

London is a perfect family travel destination, and Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t all go.

And the ratio of the pound to the dollar is improving.

A rebounding greenback will mean destinations that were off-limits to you last year are now accessible.

“The strength of the dollar against the British pound means that this is a good time to take that trip to London,” says Tom Hall, a travel editor for Lonely Planet in London.

By using value rail services like Eurostar or low-budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet, you can have a surprisingly affordable European vacation.

And Family Travel to London is ideal, because the city with its close cultural and historical ties is a terrific destination for families having their first overseas adventure.

The iconic attractions like the Double-decker bus and the famous London Bobby are familiar and comforting, and London’s underground system (TheTube) is easy for families to understand.

And that makes traveling through London fun, easy cultural experience.

Although London is a relatively simple family travel destination, family travel anywhere is a challenge.

Here are some simple but important  tips:

• Be sure to schedule free time. A day in the park people watching or having a picnic can beat any tourist attraction

• Let the kids carry their own money, and give them the experience of converting dollars to pounds. It’s a great math assignment and builds confidence and self-esteem

• Split up! Mom and dad can go in separate directions, each with a child, and come together to share later. Kids love having experiences their siblings don’t

You’ll be surprised how many traveling families never think of this or are uncomfortable trying it

It works.

• Avoid hotels. Consider renting a short-term apartment or “flat.” You’ll save money on meals and “live like a native” shopping the local shops.

And you’ll meet people more quickly, and travel is always about connecting with people, not necessarily seeing places!

Let us know how you do, and watch the Taking Your Kids to London Family Travel Video PostCard

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