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Take The Kids to London

London is a perfect family travel destination.

And Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you can’t take the kids to London.

Family Travel to London is especially ideal, because its close cultural and historical ties make it an easy and non-threatening a destination for families having their fist overseas adventure.

Well-known icons like the Double-decker bus and the famous London Bobby are both reassuring and exciting, and
the underground system is easy for families to understand, and that makes traveling through London a snap for kids and families.

But like all family travel, family travel to London has to be planned because family travel anywhere is a challenge.

Here are some tips to make Family Travel to London successful and memorable.
• Be sure to schedule free time

• Let the kids carry their own money, and give them the experience of converting dollars to pounds. It’s a great math assignment.

• Split up. Mom and dad can go in separate directions, each with a child, and come together to share later. Kids love having experiences their siblings don’t.

• Avoid hotels, if you’re staying for more than a week.

• Consider renting a short-term apartment or “flat.” You’ll save money on meals and “live like a native” shopping the local shops.

Perhaps the most important ingredient in a successful trip is to plan the vacation together. Be sure each member of the family gets to see his or her first choice, and that no one in the family gets to criticize that choice!

Let us know how you do!

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