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Tourism to Egypt Snapshot

Tourism to Egypt Snapshot Call it the Digital Revolution become Political. The “Jasmine Revolution” that ousted Tunisian ruler Zine Ben Ali spread with uncanny speed to Tahrir Square, the heart and soul of Cairo and thus Egypt. Having covered the region for various news outlets, there is no question in my mind or in the minds of most observers that ... Read More »

Untroubling Tunisia: Waiting for Travel and Democracy

Untroubling Tunisia: Waiting for Travel and Democracy The thirty or so countries that make up the Arab world are not known for enlightened or progressive leadership. But it was not always so. In the Middle Ages when Europe was groping its way through the darkness in abysmal societies. Southern Spain, Andalusia, was a beacon to the world. Here, from 711 ... Read More »

A long Tunisian Love Affair

A Tunisian Love Affair From Kaleel ftp etc Certain trips tease the heart with a promise of love. The sensation doesn’t come from the obviously beautiful like the Swiss Alps, or the awe-inspiring like St. Peter’s Basilica or the Louvre. But rather from an intangible “sense of place.” Out of her deep blue skies, impossibly translucent light and the medley ... Read More »

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