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Travel Tips, Trips and Traps: Update


Travel Tips, Trips and Traps: Update In Travel, It’s Mobile That’s Seeing All The Growth Compared to overall online retail sales, online growth for travel is slow, indicating maturity in the market. However, the US mobile travel market is growing more quickly, and the number of mobile users booking travel on their devices is expected to more than double until ... Read More »

No, The Travel Agent is Not Dead


Contrary to Reports, The Travel Agent is Not Dead A couple of blocks from where I live is a a storefront travel agency. Been there for quite a while, as long as I can remember, anyway. The space is crammed with brochures, books, all kinds of magazines and old posters. It’s almost always full of people. Some come and sit ... Read More »

Facebook, Twitter Fail to Promote Brands: Offline Works Better

Facebook, Twitter Fail to Promote Brands: Offline Works Better There’s no doubt marketers and brand managers are spending lots of human and real capital to leverage the power of Social Sites, especially Facebook and Twitter. But does it do them any good? Meaning, do consumers promote brands via Social Media regardless of how hard those brands try to get in ... Read More »

World’s Best Hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice Awards


World’s Best Hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice Awards When TripAdvisor came out with its highly-publicized list of the world’s dirtiest hotels, many thought it was a shameless grab by the review giant for publicity. But others, including MSNBC, reported that the traveling public appreciated the list and used it in planning their travels. Now TripAdvisor gives us their Travelers Choice ... Read More »

Top Travel Tricks

Every so often we get asked for a handful of our favorite travel tips and tricks,” so here are a few: Travel Tricks • Don’t see more than two of the same kind of thing in the same day. . Eyes and mind will blur. • Traveling with kids, let them handle the money (Euros, dollars, etc). Builds math and ... Read More »

How Not To Travel Like An “Ugly American.”


How Not To Travel Like An “Ugly American It’s part of travel’s enduring mythology: The American tourist, unable to manage even a few sentences in any language other than English, and oblivious to the culture and traditions of other countries. The unflattering image of the “Ugly American” is a bit unfair, perhaps, but the “USA Number 1!” attitude persists among ... Read More »

CityPASS Helps With Stay At Home Vacations: Staycations

From From Kaleel A weak economy drives families (and all travelers) to seek value-driven vacations, which now often means travel in one’s own back yard, a “Staycation,” a kind of travel that fosters a sense of community, gets them to discover their own city, and saves money We think the best way to enjoy a “Staycation” is with The CityPASS ... Read More »

Word of Mouth Vs. Travel Search Technology

Turns out we’re less sophisticated than we think. We use the latest, technology to chose a vacation, pick a restaurant or buy a cruise. But the truth is, most of us buy travel based on word of mouth. A major marketing firm says that 30 billion dollars worth of travel are spent based on opinions and recommendations of friends and ... Read More »

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