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Can Nude Travel Increase the Bottom Line?


Nude Travel Increases the Bottom Line There are 270 clubs and resorts in the United States, Canada, Mexico offering clothes free vacations of all kinds. And the American Association for Nude Recreation reports 213,000 members spending 400 million plus bucks on nude vacations. It’s a global industry. The Florida-based site is pretty savvy about its mission (“to responsibly enjoy nudity ... Read More »

More Choices or No Choices as Travel Sites Merge


Blurring of Travel Sites May Hurt Consumers Christopher Elliott, as usual, provides special insights into the “blending” of online travel agents and the impact on travelers. In the Seattle Times,  he suggests that Travelocity’s strategic marketing agreement” with long time competitor Expedia could give consumers more travel choice. Or, he suggests, it could create some sort of travel agency monopoly, ... Read More »

Are Social Media Travel Sites a Bust?


Are Social Travel Sites a Bust? The header at Hotelmarketing was pretty blunt:  Social travel sites are screaming for attention-but users and suppliers are not impressed. According to the latest PhoCusWright data, social media in general generates so little traffic to travel websites it makes anyone wonder if there really is a need for “dedicated social media sites for travel.” ... Read More »

FlightCar Engages Collaborative Consumption With Car Shares

FlightCar Fiat Customer 88

A rising star called FlightCar is going up against Avis, Enterprise and Hertz in the $11 billion airport car rental industry. Since February, it’s been offering car-share rentals at 50%-70% off conventional rental prices and giving car owners ecological and financial incentives to share. The collaborative travel and car sharing trends the service represents could be good news for travelers.  ... Read More »

Is Travel on Twitter Getting Tired?


Is Travel on Twitter Getting Tired? Let me get my “conspiracy theory” out here first: Imperialistic, giant players like Google, Twitter, Facebook build  social nets to ensnare us into doing their bidding by populating them to an extreme, which in turn makes big bucks for them. Are we then willing tools of their master plan to do their bidding? But ... Read More »

The Perfect Travel Website


The Perfect Travel Website Seeking the perfect travel website is a bit like seeking the Holy Grail. A long, usually fruitless endeavor. But if the perfect travel website is ever built, we’re pretty sure “they will come.” And maybe the website that Fi designed is it. For now, at best, most if not all travel web sites are pretty “ho ... Read More »

Travel, or Refrigerators and Stoves?


Travel, or Refrigerators and  Stoves So, it was an easy chat with a friend who knew I had something to do with the travel biz. He knew I traveled. He knew I produced content (videos, Audio PostCards, travel news reports, trends) for our own site, New Media Travel,  Technorati Travel,  Tripatini, and others. But he was fixated on the actual ... Read More »

Making Business Travelers Happy

Making Business Travelers Happy Business road warriors have at least this much in common with ET: Calling home while away is their top priority. But it seems in the 21st century, just hearing a voice on the telephone no longer suffices. And that means they expect free Internet connections. The InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) says it very clearly: “Being able ... Read More »

Social Media’s Big Data Puts the Fun Back in Travel


Social Media’s Big Data Puts the Fun Back in Travel “Big Data” derived from social media has almost become a buzz word in decision-making, product-innovation circles. Now, a report coming out of Amadeus, a technology company that provides IT solutions to the travel and tourism industry, says that big data is poised to “shape the future of the travel industry.” ... Read More »

Collaborative Consumption: Where Travel Access Trumps Ownership


Collaborative Consumption: Where Travel Access Trumps Ownership In a very compelling article somewhere in Lonely Planet’s Blog, Vivek Wagle, head of content and marketing at Airbnb makes the compelling argument for “collaborative consumption,” the basic business and ethical underpinning of his wildly successful “places to stay” service and website. Basically, he points, we are living in a world of “social accommodation ... Read More »

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