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Looking For a Better Webinar on Using Video

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Looking For a Better Webinar on How Video, Images Turn Lookers into Bookers How do action-less, people-less, laughter-less, romance-less, love-less  videos emotionally engage and move us? Move us to book or buy? VFLeonardo is an acknowledged leader in the art of visual storytelling, promoting their services to the travel industry and beyond. Their recent  webinar was called “Lets Get Visual: ... Read More »

Will Facebook Dominate Travel Impulses


Will Facebook Dominate Travel Impulses If you’re looking for a sales job in travel, now might be the time to approach Facebook. The giant Social Media site is on a mission to further elbow its way into the travel space and has been reorganizing its sales force. As HotelMarketing, reports Facebook has been recruiting for travel sales representatives as it ... Read More »

Pinterest Place Pins Pushes Pinterest into Travel


It’s pretty amazing that Pinterest is valued at 3.8 billion dollars, even though it has no revenue. But that hasn’t stopped the popular image- driven site from expanding its reach into travel.   The company, started in 2009,  has more traffic from its mobile applications than its website,  and co- founder Evan Sharp went so far as to say Pinterest ... Read More »

Luxury Travelers are Skeptical About Luxury Travel Brands

Why Luxury Travelers are Not Impressed by Luxury Travel Brands You’d think that the “rich and famous” would naturally be drawn to top hotel brands, names synonymous with luxury like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. But Luxury Daily in an article by   Joe McCarthy, says it ain’t necessarily so. Apparently very few of the top 10% of the wealthy “have ... Read More »

Why Visual Story Telling Isn’t Happening


Why Visual Story Telling Isn’t Happening It’s a strange contradiction. We’re told visuals drive bookings, traveler interest. We hear that travelers looking to book will be compelled to do so by rich images that tell the kinds of stories we want to buy into. But the visuals we typically see are sterile and empty. VFM Leonardo,  a leader in online ... Read More »

Why Travel Marketers Are Wasting Time on Social Media


Why Travel Marketers Are Wasting Time on Social Media How surprising is this: In the second half of last year, fewer that 1% of visitors arrived at a hotel or travel booking site, via a social media link or a link shared by by a friend. So reports Does this mean hotels are wasting their time chasing the Holy ... Read More »

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