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The Art Of Almost Packing Perfectly

The Art of Almost Packing Perfectly If images of jumping on your suitcase as your partner quickly snaps the locks shut, or sitting on the thing while you’re doubled over tying the straps are your version of packing, then this primer on how and what to pack could be for you. Remember the adage, “pack half of what you think ... Read More »

New Travel Sites: Less Here Than Meets the Eye?

New Travel Sites: Less Here Than Meets the Eye? If you looked at’s web site you’d be impressed. It’s attractive, kinetic and well done. The company, founded by Greg Sullivan and Joe Diaz, stresses that travel is “experiential,” and that travelers have to “get out of their comfort zone.” That’s their brand message. They want travel “to delve beneath ... Read More »

The Curse of the Roaming Charge


The Curse of the Roaming Charge Or, roaming charges can be dangerous to your health. Heard the latest horror stories about travelers experiencing near-cardiac arrest when they get  the bill for roaming charges from their mobile provider? For example, Michelle Higgins, writing in The New York Times, tells the story of a Verizon customer traveling in Jamaica, who racked up ... Read More »

When Travel Marketing Conferences Falls Short


When a Travel Marketing Conference Falls Short I went to the recently held, high-powered Association of Travel Marketing Executives (ATME) 2011 conference eager to pick up the latest in travel trends, and come back with content for an article on the forward-looking state of travel. Half way through the two day meet I began to feel I wasn’t getting what ... Read More »

When Did Travel Become a Commodity?


When Did Travel Become a Commodity? When did it stop being an experience and more of a package, a deal, a search result? Travel has turned into an obsession for the cheapest airfare, cheapest hotel room and pretty much the lowest, cheapest cost for anything and every thing related to travel. Wasn’t so long ago that airlines, the most commodified ... Read More »

And The Best Airline Search Sites Are?


And The Best Airline Search Sites Are? We’re suspicious when research shows this or that airline, web site or hotel was voted the best, because we know people and statistics don’t tell the truth. On the other hand, when results jive with what we have experienced and researched on our own, we believe. Then there’s the all-important method the researchers ... Read More »

Marriage, Italian Style


Marriage, Italian Style The town of Mondovi in northern Italy, is barely mentioned in most guide books. But we went there to see our good friends Giovanna and Antonio get married in a small mountain village near the town. The couple had opened a restaurant, Ezzelino, a bright, splash of color and light in this unspoiled, Medieval town set high ... Read More »

Why We’re Unhappy With Travel Web Sites


Why We’re Unhappy With Travel Web Sites To most, “Travel Agent” means the company on the corner with a couple of big glass windows, lots of fading brochures lying around and inside, a faint whiff of yesterday. But the term “Travel Agent” also refers to giants like Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Thomas Cook, AAA and lots of others, referred to as ... Read More »

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