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Cupcakes, the TSA and Pilot Fatigue

Cupcakes, the TSA and Pilot Fatigue Patrick Smith’s column, Ask the Pilot is almost always an acerbic look at the airline industry with its many foibles and Alice in Wonderland rules and regulations. But the regular contributor to Salon, the award-winning online news site, also provides helpful insights into basic questions such as: Are Pilots Ever Afraid of Crashing or ... Read More »

Billions Spent, But Are We Any Safer?


Billions Spent, But Are We Any Safer? In its usual witty, acerbic but always readable content,  looks at the Transportation Security Administration’s huge expenditures on air travel since 9/11 in their efforts to keep us safe. How big is huge? Fifty-six plus billion dollars spent on schemes and strategies that more of ten than not fall flat or never ... Read More »

Still Searching for bin Laden’s End


Still Searching for bin Laden’s End Megan Mcardle writing in The Atlantic says that if revenge is a dish best served cold, she finds the death of Osama bin Laden pretty unsatisfying. It’s not that she regrets his death on moral or even tactical grounds, it’s just that, as she sees it, those that bin Laden killed are still dead ... Read More »

TSA Bans Print/Toner Cartridges. Waste of Time?


Transportation Security Administration Bans Print/Toner Cartridges. Waste of Time? In its latest commendable but misguided attempt to to stop terrorists, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) just announced that toner and ink cartridges of more than 16 ounces will be banned from all US-bound passenger aircraft in carry-ons and checked bags. USA Today Travel reports that the move is reaction to ... Read More »

Guns ‘n Airports: What Is Georgia Thinking?

From From Kaleel Guns ‘n Airports: What is Georgia Thinking? Last month Georgia lawmakers decided it would allow guns to be carried in those parts of the the state’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, not expressly controlled by the Federal government. The airport is one of the worlds busiest. While Georgia Governor Sonny Perdu has not yet signed the bill into law, ... Read More »

Dumping The 3-1-1-Rule

From Blogger Pictures It’s not official, and the Transportation Security Administration is tight-lipped, but practically speaking, the unpopular and probably very ineffective 3-1-1 flight rule (no gels, aerosols or liquid) is all but dead. 3-1-1 limited passengers’ rights to carry any kind of liquid on a plane to a 3.4 ounce bottle, in a 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-lock bag, ... Read More »

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