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Hotel Shampoos, Tubs and Taxes

Hotel  Shampoos, Tubs and Taxes It’s not one of travel’s burning issues: shower wall shampoo and conditioner or those small bottles that travelers can take home if they don’t use them? Or even if they do. So it was interesting to read that was just as curious, and asked the question. But the AP’s Beth Harpaz, in a piece ... Read More »

New Travel Search Engine Adds Big Value To Airfare Searches

From From Kaleel New Travel Search Engine Adds Big Value To Airfare Searches Last week marked the debut of, a new breed of airfare meta search engine. Kayak and other legacy search engines are perfectly capable of coming up with comparative air fares, but the well-laid out, graphics-driven takes the search experience to a new level. It evaluates ... Read More »

Why You Can Fly Free..and other things!

Why Travel (and anything else) Can Be Free By Kaleel Sakakeeny with credit to Wired Magazine King Gillette had the idea first: Give the razor away but charge for the blade. That’s how airplane tickets can cost nothing. Give the airline ticket away for free. But charge for everything else. How else could Dublin-based Ryanair charge 1.3 million passengers just ... Read More »

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