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Audio PostCard: Security Issues for Women Traveling Alone


women traveling safely Please click the Audio Player above to hear the Audio PostCard on Women Traveling Alone Security Issues for Women Road Warriors Traveling Alone Hi. I’m Wendie Hansen at new media travel and today’s podcast is all about women traveling alone. First, We don’t like the image of the helpless woman or woman as victim. It’s wrong and ... Read More »

Dumping The 3-1-1-Rule

From Blogger Pictures It’s not official, and the Transportation Security Administration is tight-lipped, but practically speaking, the unpopular and probably very ineffective 3-1-1 flight rule (no gels, aerosols or liquid) is all but dead. 3-1-1 limited passengers’ rights to carry any kind of liquid on a plane to a 3.4 ounce bottle, in a 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-lock bag, ... Read More »

Making Airports Comfortable: Possible??

How to Make Airports Better Places Delays, lost luggage, security fears, giving yourself plenty of time before the plane takes off…traveling through an airport is no picnic these days. But to their credit, some airports have devised ways to make it easier to spend time there. Philadelphia International Airport even has a new special parking area where people can wait ... Read More »

Women Travel Differently

Women Travel Differently By Kaleel Do women want something different from men when they travel? Apparently USA Today thinks so.  In an article “Where the boys are not” 88% of women surveyed said they had plans for a no-men-allowed getaway.  And these are not Desperate Housewives either. To accommodate them, a five-star hotel in London features 68 rooms in a ... Read More »

Family Screening Lanes

The Associated Press reports that Airports across the country will have designated security lanes for families to move through preflight inspections at their own pace…just in time for the busy Thanksgiving travel season. The class=”yshortcuts” id=”lw_1226342554_0″>Transportation Security Administrationis expanding its family lanes to every security checkpoint in the country by November 20. The lanes, which have been tested at 48 ... Read More »

Security Concerns for Women Traveling Alone

We’re no friend of the negative image of “woman as victim,” but the truth is that women traveling alone do need to take some specific security precautions. The good news is many of these precautions are common sense and easy to implement. For example, women travelers suggest that women always ask for directions from other women or women with families. ... Read More »

Paying to Give Up Your Privacy

As my good friend, Bill Wanegrin, said, the Registered Traveler Program aka CLEAR is when you pay to give up your privacy! Well, that depends on your point of view. The program allows travelers to pay about $128.00 to have their irises scanned, their finger prints registered and all kinds of personal information investigated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) ... Read More »

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