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Newfoundland: Sea, Solitude And Song w/Video


Newfoundland: Sea, Solitude And Song There’s something about Newfoundland, Canada, that gets under your skin. I think it comes from the disarmingly warm and open people. And it comes from the aching loneliness of the surrounding sea where Lilliputian villages snuggle against the craggy faces of mighty cliffs. “Give us a song,” the dark-haired beauty called out from the doorway ... Read More »

Accidental View of the World

It was a casual summer’s day with friends..a glass of wine, sweet ocean breezes, sails playing tag with the wind and the sea. A random wine glass. Inside, clouds scudding across the sky. What a break From Kaleel ftp etc Read More »

Of The Sea

Something there is about the sea that frees our images and let’s them be From Kaleel ftp etc From Kaleel ftp etc From Kaleel ftp etc Read More »

Yes, Virginia, Virginia is Probably for Lovers!

They tell us Virginia is for lovers and we tend to agree Where else does the beauty and sweep of the sea with its fresh catch and sea loving characters Meet this country’s vibrant history, Virginia is a legacy of American democracy in the making Of living people exploring the living tales of a new nation About the drama behind ... Read More »

Emergency at Sea: can You Get Home?

So, you’re hundreds of miles at sea and you receive the dreaded news that a family member or dear friend has passed away or has taken seriously ill. It should be easy you think to arrange transfer from the ship to the shore, and from there catch the next flight home. Not so fast Passengers are taken off a ship ... Read More »

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