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Why We Are Sexier When We Travel


Why We Are Sexier When We Travel We knew travel was a terrific aphrodisiac, we just couldn’t prove it. Then came a report that the majority of couples have more sex in a week’s vacation than they do in two months at home! We knew there’s actually a Mile High Club with certain airlines offering sex in the sky for ... Read More »

Who Took The “Sexy” Out Of Hotel Stays?

From NMT Images Who Took The “Sexy” Out of Hotels In search of romantic couples or couples seeking a romantic stay, a couple of years ago hotels promoted “intimacy kits” in their mini bars. Happily the Thompson Hotel in New York still stocks its mini bars with condoms, cinnamon mints, scented cloths, personal lubricants and feather ticklers for libidinous couples. ... Read More »

Viaje Isla Cayman Pequeno: Little Cayman Island in Spanish

Isla Cayman Pequeno en Espanol: Little Cayman Island- Cayman Pequeno Travel Video PostCard Bienvenido a Isla Cayman Pequeno Little Cayman Island will never grow up. Little Cayman is happy being a speck of a place in the Caribbean, a puddle jumping flight from its big sister, Grand Cayman Island. And Grand Cayman and Little Cayman Islands are just below ... Read More »

Travel as an Aphrodisiac

Travel as an Aphrodisiac We’re not talking here about the sleazy sex travel trade involving unsuspecting women coerced into sex by unscrupulous men. And we know that the Internet is full of web sites promising the “best adult vacations with exciting women,” or “world wide sex adventures.” But an recent article in the Daily Californian said that Sex is often ... Read More »

My Italian Wedding

Mondovi, Italy, is unlikely to be on anyone’s Italian itinerary. Yet. In fact, it’s not even mentioned in most guide books on Italy, including the usually very inclusive Lonely Planet. We went to see our good friends Giovanna and Antonio get married in a small mountain village not far from there. The couple recently opened a restaurant, Ezzelino, a bright, ... Read More »

Single Parent Travel

The “bad” news is that the number of single parents seeking quality vacations with their children is growing. The good news is that the number of single parents seeking quality vacations with their children is growing. Brenda Elwell is a single mom who’s traveled solo with her kids for twenty years, but chafed under the realization that she and single ... Read More »

FamilyMoons: The New Way of Getting Married the Second Time

From Kaleel ftp etc Chrissy and Herb Strickland from Florida were getting married. But this time, a second marriage for both, it wasn’t just between them. They had kids from their previous marriages and there was no way, Chrissy says, that she and Herb were starting their new lives with out the children being involved. In fact, the Stricklands opted ... Read More »

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