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Social Media Bullies Hold Hotels Hostage

Social Media Bullies Hold Hotels Hostage There is no doubt that hotels and retail will go to great lengths to avoid negative publicity. It’s in their DNA. In many instances, whether or not a guest or customer’s complaint is legitimate or warranted, companies, and hotels in particular, will “buy” the guests good will or silence by providing an upgrade or ... Read More »

Southampton Inn: Close to the Stars but Down to Earth

Southampton Inn: Close to the Stars but Down to Earth A random drive along First Neck Lane in fabled Southampton, Long Island, New York brings you very close to gorgeous homes with endless driveways, selling for 20 to 80 million dollars, and that’s in a depressed housing market. But a few feet away is the Southampton Inn an attractive, Tudor ... Read More »

Absurd Restaurant Attitudes

bad customer service 5

Absurd Restaurant Attitudes It started when we stopped at a seemingly authentic seafood restaurant on an authentic stretch of Atlantic coastline. The special was twin lobsters for a reasonable price. We ordered those and some other stuff, and when the two crustaceans arrived , I split them with my partner. One lobster each, we reasoned, was enough. The waitress came ... Read More »

Cafe Mangal: A Touch of Turkey in Wellesley, MA

From Drop Box Café Mangal: A touch of Turkey in Wellesley By Kaleel Sakakeeny Without question, Istanbul is one of the world’s premiere destinations. Its world-class historic attractions, especially the Blue Mosque, the elegant Topkapi Palace and the famed Hagia Sophia, are a travelers holy grail. But if you can’t get to Turkey this year, you can at least eat ... Read More »

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