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Portugal’s Precious Port Wine Trail

Portugal’s Precious Port Wine by Kaleel Sakakeeny The Port Wine Trail begins in the only place legally authentic Port can begin, in Oporto, Portugal’s second-largest city, and a three and a half hour train ride north from Lisbon. More importantly, it’s the gateway to the Douro Valley’s prized Port wine vineyards. The valley is really spectacular, a “must see,” and ... Read More »

Travel Tip: Portugal’s Solares – Historic Mansions to Live In

From Blogger Pictures Calheiros by Wendie Hansen One of Portugal’s greatest gifts (other than its wine) is its vibrant Solares de Portugal (“houses of family heritage), an unique way to see a country still far from the often homogenized destinations of Central Europe. Rather unknown by North Americans, these are Portugal’s historic family homes, the manors, cottages and mini-palaces open ... Read More »

Azores, Treasures of the Atlantic

The Azores! What else except a huge dose of tectonic magic explains the nine wayward, islands of the Azores, scattered randomly in the middle of the Atlantic. These sleeping beauties are not especially easy to get to, so they’re lightly touched by time and tourists. Nice. There is a four-hour direct flight from Boston via SATA Airways (, but few, ... Read More »

In Portugal, Port is King

In Portugal Port is King By Kaleel Sakakeeny From Kaleel ftp etc Really, it was Portugal that “launched a thousand ships,” not Troy, in spite of the mythology. And it’s too bad the intrepid maritime masters of the known world – Vasco do Gama, Magellan, Henry the Navigator – couldn’t have fortified themselves with Port, Portugal’s most famous product. It ... Read More »

Lisbon: Europe’s Secret

Lisbon is one of Europe’s best kept secret destinations. Exotic, coastal, full of winding streets and terrific cafes, Lisbon’s Al Fama district is mysterious and romantic, and nothing says Lisbon more than this plaintive Fado music, tales of Fado singers’ lost loves and unrealized dreams. In Lisbon, you’ll sit at small tavernas and neighborhood cafes watching them spring to life. ... Read More »

Portuguese Manors: Authentic, Vibrant and Fun

Portuguese Manners in Portugal’s Historic Manors When Robert Frost spoke of the path less traveled by, he certainly wasn’t referring to Portugal. And in particular, the Solares de Portugal. But he could have been. Far from the frenetic pace of Europe’s homogenized, Americanized urban centers, and virtually unvisited by North American travelers, Portugal offers a vibrant, authentic, relatively new ... Read More »

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