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When Travel Marketing Conferences Falls Short


When a Travel Marketing Conference Falls Short I went to the recently held, high-powered Association of Travel Marketing Executives (ATME) 2011 conference eager to pick up the latest in travel trends, and come back with content for an article on the forward-looking state of travel. Half way through the two day meet I began to feel I wasn’t getting what ... Read More »

Croatia-Dubrovnik: 1 Min Video PostCard

Lord Byron, the famous English poet, called the great walled city of Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic From the geometry of Dubrovniks tiled roofs to Dubrovniks graceful and placid harbor, The medieval city of Dubrovnik rings with the sounds of history (Bell), surprises with elegant architecture, and delights with its arches and artistic flourishes One of the most beautiful ... Read More »

Social Media In Travel: Over-Hyped, Under-Hyped, Or Who Cares


Social Media Influence Weak In Travel So began the article, more or less. We’ve chided the travel industry for not moving fast enough into the world of social media. But we’ve been told that we’re mischaracterizing travel, and been pointed in the direction of JetBlue’s successful Foursquare loyalty program. And that’s true as far as it goes. JetBlue, Chicago ... Read More »

Fertility Tourism: Selling Women’s Eggs for Big Bucks and Travel

EGGS For Sale2

Fertility Tourism: Selling Women’s Eggs for Big Bucks and Travel “Female Eggs For Sale” may not be a sign you’ll see any time soon, but for all intents and purposes that’s what the global market for harvesting and selling women’s eggs is all about. The in vitro fertilization market is a billion dollar industry that touches almost every country in ... Read More »

Business Travelers Want to Ban Kids From Planes

05_Flatbed_1 - JUNE

Business Travelers Want to Ban Kids From Planes Not so long ago we stumbled upon an online chat where the subject was banning children from flying, or at least banishing them from flying in business class. So we were not completely surprised at the USA Today Travel article that said 74% of UK-based business class travelers get annoyed at children ... Read More »

Medical Tourism Biz Booming: Insurance Companies May Force Us Abroad


Medical Tourism Biz Booming What was as a footnote in the travel industry, Medical Tourism, has grown into a full blown industry. And India taking the lead in attracting a huge number of patients from around the world to its first-class medical and tourism facilities… at third-word prices. Travel Daily News (a travel and tourism trade news portal) ) headlined ... Read More »

Selling The Acropolis: Travel Deals in Greece


Shakespeare’s play, Timon of Athens, tells the story of Timon, an extravagant Athenian nobleman spending his money wastefully, until his creditors show up and demand payment to cover his debts. Timon sends his servants out for financial help, a bailout, so he can continue his lavish lifestyle. English classes can debate if Timon was a symbol of Greece’s extravagance, but ... Read More »

Carbon Offsets: Smoke and Mirrors? More Hype Than Help?

Carbon Offsets: More Hype Than Help     Travel honchos at the recent Travel and Tourism summit meeting in Libson, Portugal, were running scared. With all the hand-wringing about Global Warming, the execs wondered if they were about to become the next Exxon Valdez of travel, villains in the making: major contributors to global pollution. Will the government, they worried, ... Read More »

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