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Hiking The Hocking Hills Of Ohio w Video

Please watch the 1-minute Video PostCard at the end of this post Hiking The Hocking Hills Of Ohio Why Ohio? Because the southeast part of the state, an hour or so from Columbus, Hocking Hills, Ohio, is nothing like any impression I had of the Buckeye State. It’s rolling hillocks and swaths of wheat covered fields dotted with sad eyed ... Read More »

Seduced By The Cayman Island Sisters

From NMT Images Seduced By The Cayman Islands Most any novel or movie about corporate bad guys somehow always has shady types furtively wiring funds off shore to the Cayman Islands. Truth is, the three islands that make up the Cayman archipelago are so much more than temples of high finance, regardless of John Gresham’s books. Little Cayman and Cayman ... Read More »

Travel and Homeless Pets to Care For

From Kaleel ftp etc Green Earth Travel has announced two trips to Southern Utah and the Grand Canyon that offer a unique (and sweet) experience for animal lovers: June and October, 2010 Typically there are two trips a year, and typically, both are always sold out. So, advance notice is very appropriate. Consider this your warning! Reserve now if you ... Read More »

Inns of Wales: Tyddyn Llan Inn

Travel Wales-Inns of Wales:Travel North Wales Inns-Tyddyn Llan Inn-Video Travel Review Along the green and winding way to our first night’s lodging in North Wales, we pitifully try to pronounce the names of the villages we pass through The turn into Tyddyn Llan is a sweet relief… I can say THIS one! The ‘spotting’ rain is no deterrent to ... Read More »

Yes, Virginia, Virginia is Probably for Lovers!

They tell us Virginia is for lovers and we tend to agree Where else does the beauty and sweep of the sea with its fresh catch and sea loving characters Meet this country’s vibrant history, Virginia is a legacy of American democracy in the making Of living people exploring the living tales of a new nation About the drama behind ... Read More »

Good Morning, Panama! Now Open for Travel

GOOD MORNING, PANAMA!! Like a Latin American Rip Van Winkle, Panama is waking from a long, deep sleep. For ninety years this odd shaped country, the land bridge between North and South America, lay in the consuming and perhaps suffocating embrace of the United Sates. Her sleep so deep; her dependence so total, that only now, it seems, is ... Read More »

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