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Untroubling Tunisia: Waiting for Travel and Democracy

Untroubling Tunisia: Waiting for Travel and Democracy The thirty or so countries that make up the Arab world are not known for enlightened or progressive leadership. But it was not always so. In the Middle Ages when Europe was groping its way through the darkness in abysmal societies. Southern Spain, Andalusia, was a beacon to the world. Here, from 711 ... Read More »

Oslo, Norway: Beauty and Controversy

We think of Norway as clean, pure and unspoiled. Expensive, perhaps, but not a country prone to controversy. Certainly not racism. When we posted this Travel Video PostCard, we were stunned at the anger, passion and real racism that seems to thread itself through Norway’s society. We were not prepared for the ant-Muslim, anti-minority anger and viciousness. Here are a ... Read More »

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