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Luxury Travelers are Skeptical About Luxury Travel Brands

Why Luxury Travelers are Not Impressed by Luxury Travel Brands You’d think that the “rich and famous” would naturally be drawn to top hotel brands, names synonymous with luxury like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. But Luxury Daily in an article by   Joe McCarthy, says it ain’t necessarily so. Apparently very few of the top 10% of the wealthy “have ... Read More »

Six Star Hotels? Don’t Believe It! Ratings Inflation.


Six Star Hotels? Don’t Believe It! So far no international classification for hotels exists, but that hasn’t stopped ambitious hotel marketers from slapping any number of stars, diamonds, cacti on their properties and touting them as 5 or 6 or even 7 star properties, whatever that may mean in real service and amenities. I think the ratings inflation trend began ... Read More »

Chasing The 30K Airline Ticket

From From Kaleel The Thirty-Thousand Dollar Airline Ticket It’s a price sensitive world, where low cost airlines rule the roost and are increasingly the airlines of choice for many travelers, so it’s refreshing to meet a contrarian like blogger Rob Cockerham. He spends his time looking for the most expensive First/Business-Class tickets and luxury flights, and posting the results on ... Read More »

Medical Tourism: Buttocks and Beaches

People travel for many reason. They travel to see the ocean, to meet people or to shop… and now they’re shopping for a new nose or bigger breasts or a by-pass, all while seeing the sights. Medical tourism is the latest trend in the search for the perfect body or a money saving medical procedure like replacing a hip or ... Read More »

Is Any Hotel Worth Six Stars?

From Kaleel ftp etc My jaw dropped when Professional Travel Guide (Now defunct!) announced that it would add a new tier to its Star Services ratings for hotels: Six Stars! What qualifies as s a Six Star rating? Places we’d never be able to stay in. Places like Austria’s Capella Schloss Velden; New York’s Lowell Hotel; Dubai’s Mirage. Forget about ... Read More »

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