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Social Media’s Big Data Puts the Fun Back in Travel


Social Media’s Big Data Puts the Fun Back in Travel “Big Data” derived from social media has almost become a buzz word in decision-making, product-innovation circles. Now, a report coming out of Amadeus, a technology company that provides IT solutions to the travel and tourism industry, says that big data is poised to “shape the future of the travel industry.” ... Read More »

The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans Love

The Brave, The Bold and The Travel Brands Americans  Love No, price isn’t everything in travel. It counts for a great deal in making travel decisions, but those merchants of “low, low prices” are missing the point. What seems to drive travel choices is the ability for the traveler to connect with a brand; to feel and identify with it. ... Read More »

Apple Ends Boring Visitor Information Centers

Apple Ends Boring Visitor Information Centers One of the vexing ironies of travel is that Visitor Information Centers (VIC) do little to nothing to enhance or promote the destination they represent. If anything, they can be a “turn off” for the destination. Visitor centers are usually some functional building filled with tired staffers surrounded by lots of brochures, a few ... Read More »

Smart Phones Revolutionize Travel

Twitter Follow Smart Phones Revolutionize Travel Our new archetypal smart-phone traveler is sitting in traffic (or has wisely pulled over ), and books his flight via his phone. He then makes a rental car reservation, reviews hotel options on, say, TripAdvisor or Kayak and books his room, all on his mobile device. The light turns green (or he pulls back ... Read More »

Consumer Reports “Concerned” about Google-ITA Deal


Consumer Reports “Concerned” about Google-ITA Deal on Air Travelers With its big stick and bigger voice, Consumer Reports (CR) announced in its blog that Google’s planned acquisition of ITA Software “ has the potential to limit consumer choice in the already complex market of online travel.” Hotel Marketing .com reported that CR stepped into the fierce battle between Google and ... Read More »

Google Creates Rough Waters for Kayak IPO


Google Creates Rough Waters for Kayak IPO When we reported on the game-changing 700 million Google -ITA software deal last summer, we quoted Kayak’s Director of Marketing, Robert Birge, as saying he wasn’t especially worried by the deal that would, in effect, give Google dominance in the 80 billion-dollar market for online travel services. Cambridge-based ITA Software controls all the ... Read More »

Google-ITA Deal Threatens Kayak, Orbitz Airfare Search Engines

From From Kaleel Google-ITA Deal Makes Kayak, Orbitz, and Other Airfare Search Engines Worried You can turn the faucet on, but whoever controls the water determines the flow. Or even if they’ll be any water. So, the 700 million dollar acquisition deal that that Google and Cambridge, MA-based ITA Software Inc., just inked, is very worrisome to Kayak, Orbitz, Trip ... Read More »

New Travel Search Engine Adds Big Value To Airfare Searches

From From Kaleel New Travel Search Engine Adds Big Value To Airfare Searches Last week marked the debut of, a new breed of airfare meta search engine. Kayak and other legacy search engines are perfectly capable of coming up with comparative air fares, but the well-laid out, graphics-driven takes the search experience to a new level. It evaluates ... Read More »

My Six “Travel Superstars” Drinking Mates

So, OK, if I could have a few drinks with any of these travel industry heroes, I’d be happy…and learn a lot. And maybe could stop blogging. 1 Arnie Weissmann, the bright, capable and honest editor in chief of Travel Weekly. He likes martinis and travels more than anyone I know. Great guy. 2 Kyle McCarthy. Imagine being the ... Read More »

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