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Breakfast at Tivoli-Denmark AudioPostCard


Breakfast At Tivoli’s I remember Denmark well. (Please click the audio player above for this Denmark AudioPostCard) I lived there years ago when I was the Director of a theatre company, located one of the city’s many picturesque, cobbled streets. It had a nearly hidden entrance, and was wonderfully placed between the elegant National Museum and Christianborg, the brooding, hulking ... Read More »

Clobbering the Klout Score


Clobbering the Klout Score Imagine this scenario. You’re boarding your flight, and an announcement is made that there are three free upgrades to First Class. Free. For those whose Klout scores are 50 or higher. Or you complain to a company about some defect in their product, and you never get an answer. But other people do, you learn. Why? ... Read More »

When Women Travel Solo


When Women Travel Solo Many women  want to travel alone, or with other women,  and not a guy… a fact most men find very difficult to accept. And while we think there are too many movies and books that give us too many images of women as helpless victims, the truth is that a majority of women say that security ... Read More »

Who Will Review and Rank the Review Sites?


Who Will Review and Rank the Review Sites? Or who will turn the tables and keep review sites and their reviews honest? By now we’ve heard enough to know fraudulent, unverified reviews on heretofore sacrosanct review sites are rampant. In many ways, they’re a violation of the trust travelers place in those sites. TripAdvisor has been cited by UK authorities ... Read More »

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