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Grand Manan : One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands


Grand Manan : One of Canada’s Top Ten Islands (Please watch the Grand Manan 1- minute Travel Video PostCard at the end of this post) It’s certainly tempting to think of Grand Manan as God’s shrug of land surrounded by a vast, changing and beautiful sea. There is something about these small fishing villages on islands that holds my heart ... Read More »

Nantucket on My Mind

Nantucket on My Mind Years after Nantucket’s whaling industry virtually decimated the Atlantic whale population and became fabulously wealthy in the process, Ahab and the White Whale are gone, but the wealth and charm of the island remain. This small island (9 x 12 miles) well off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has lost none of its magic. Late ... Read More »

Azores, Treasures of the Atlantic

The Azores! What else except a huge dose of tectonic magic explains the nine wayward, islands of the Azores, scattered randomly in the middle of the Atlantic. These sleeping beauties are not especially easy to get to, so they’re lightly touched by time and tourists. Nice. There is a four-hour direct flight from Boston via SATA Airways (, but few, ... Read More »

Litltle Cayman: Divers Paradise

The Little Island That Could There’s an island in the Caribbean so unpretentious, so natural and authentic, it’s one of my very favorite places to visit. Little Cayman Island, about 10 miles long with maybe 500 full time residents, is a divers paradise. But it’s much more than that. . It’s open, empty roads, untouched-up nature and a simple grace ... Read More »

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