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Travel Gives Back: Sewing Machines for India’s Widows


Please watch the Video PostCard: India, Widows and Sewing Machines here Monday, May 6, 2013 if you teach a woman to sew… by Oonaballoona here’s a little something that is actually in fact quite large.  if our corner of the blogisphere isn’t the right place to share it, i don’t know where is. 

i look at pictures of collapsed buildings ... Read More »

The Foul Mouth of YouTube


The Foul Mouth of You Tube Travel I’m absolutely convinced that comments on video sharing sites, especially You Tube, are more mean, potentially racists and more chaotic than comments posted to text-based blogs and sites. And I’m sure there are many more comments posted to video sharing sites. While I’m mostly talking about travel videos on You Tube, ( a ... Read More »

Medical Tourism Biz Booming: Insurance Companies May Force Us Abroad


Medical Tourism Biz Booming What was as a footnote in the travel industry, Medical Tourism, has grown into a full blown industry. And India taking the lead in attracting a huge number of patients from around the world to its first-class medical and tourism facilities… at third-word prices. Travel Daily News (a travel and tourism trade news portal) ) headlined ... Read More »

Beaches, Buttocks and Medical Treatments Abroad

Beaches, Buttocks and Medical Treatments Abroad From Blogger Pictures Medical Tourism is a fast-growing trend in the search for the perfect body, or a money saving medical procedure like replacing a hip or getting your teeth straight. And for costly medical procedures for the uninsured and underinsured, treatment abroad may be the only answer. Some studies like an All Medical ... Read More »

Udaipur, India. Passion and Color

It’s amazing how many intense, racist, political statements this simple 1 minute Travel Video PostCard has generated in its 60,000 or so views. I wonder why? Udaipur, India, is 300 miles southwest of Delhi, India, and is called one of the most romantic cities in the world. Udaipur, India, has also been called the City of Lakes and the White ... Read More »

Medical Tourism: Buttocks and Beaches

People travel for many reason. They travel to see the ocean, to meet people or to shop… and now they’re shopping for a new nose or bigger breasts or a by-pass, all while seeing the sights. Medical tourism is the latest trend in the search for the perfect body or a money saving medical procedure like replacing a hip or ... Read More »

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