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Andalusia, Spain: The Cross and Crescent-Audio PostCard


Andalusia, Spain: The Cross and Crescent-Audio PostCard   Please click the player above to listen to this sound-rich, Audio PostCard from Andalusia, Spain When Europe was groping its way through the Dark Ages, 10th century Islamic Spain, Andalusia, was considered the jewel of the world. Christianity and Judaism mixed easily with Islam, and no where else in Europe were the ... Read More »

Faces of the Middle East

Syria, Jordan and the Middle East Travel to Syria, to Jordan and to the Middle East in general is not about Islamic Fundamentalists or terrorists. It’s about culture and history and incredibly hospitable people. It’s about about historic, sophisticated cities like Damascus in Syria, and fascinating Crusader Castles in the Syrian desert, and the ones used for falconing and hunting ... Read More »

Historic Deerfield: Score One For The Native Americans

by kaleel sakakeeny We think it’s great that many of the colonial settlers in historic Deerfield, MA, who were taken captive by “attacking” Native American tribes opted not to return to the ways of the “white man.” Perhaps the women and men were more emancipated under tribal rule than colonial law! But we’re ahead of ourselves here. So, It wasn’t ... Read More »

Yes, Virginia, Virginia is Probably for Lovers!

They tell us Virginia is for lovers and we tend to agree Where else does the beauty and sweep of the sea with its fresh catch and sea loving characters Meet this country’s vibrant history, Virginia is a legacy of American democracy in the making Of living people exploring the living tales of a new nation About the drama behind ... Read More »

San Antonio: Magic for Families

San Antonio: Magic for Families By Kaleel There’s no question San Antonio, Texas, goes all out for families. This is the most visited city in Texas, and I would bet from the families I saw and the fun they were having, family travel is a big part of it. If families could, they’d leave their hearts in San Antonio, I’m ... Read More »

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