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Is Social Media Killing the Destination Travel Article?


Is Social Media Killing the Destination Travel Article? If HuffPostTravel can declare that the “Old Travel Show is Dead, Long Live the New York Travel Festival,”  then we might be right in declaring that “Travel Destination Articles Are Dying, Long Live Social Media Travel Content.” So, when a senior editor at Technorati  told me that, going forward, all travel-related content ... Read More »

Will Google and Facebook Dominate Travel? Of Course


Will Google and Facebook Dominate Travel? Of course Will Google harness its awesome search capacity, plus its Youtube, plus social indicators from a person’s searches to make travel suggestions and shape travel experiences? And book travel too. We say, yes. They say, “yes” too. It’s widely accepted that travelers are seriously unhappy with online Travel Agents (OTA’s) – the big-box ... Read More »

Google Hotel Finder Helps Bring Life to Hotels


Google Hotel Finder Brings Hotels to Life Searching for a hotel online is actually more complex than, say, searching for a flight or car rental or even Viagra. A hotel stay is more of an emotional experience than flying somewhere. To go from New York to London, is simply to find the most convenient, and best-priced flight. Choosing a hotel  ... Read More »

Review Sites Get Poor Grades


Review Sites Get Poor Grades KwikChex, the reputation management and consumer-reassurance site, has published its first ratings of the top travel reviews sites. Each site has been awarded a star rating according to a KwikChex analysis of reliability factors. Remarkably, no site has been awarded the top 5 stars at present, but several, such as and Expedia have been ... Read More »

How We Make Travel Decisions

How We Make Travel Decisions At some point or other someone is always gazing into a crystal ball predicting the future of the travel industry It’s understandable given the tremendous impact, say, mobile has had in the travel space, or the daily emergence of new sites that offer interesting new search processes. There are sophisticated strategies designed to reach the ... Read More »

TripAdvisor “Makes Nice” With Hotels

TripAdvisor “Makes Nice” With Hotels At least that’s what most observers think. Or they believe the move is a reaction to Google’s increasingly strong forays into the travel space. The relationship between hoteliers and TripAdvisor has not been a happy one. Successful hotel managers or innkeepers like Dick Pabich of the popular Salem Inn in Salem, Massachusetts, have been burned ... Read More »

TripAdvisor Hits 50 Million Mark. Last Hurrah?

TripAdvisor Hits 50 Million Mark. Last Hurrah? The Champagne should have been popping in the Massachusetts offices of TripAdvisor when it was announced that the review giant just became the first stand-alone travel site to top 50 million unique visitors a month. Using data from Comscore, TripAdvisor reported that the big event happened July 2011 when traffic was up 22% ... Read More »

Government Investigates Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

Government Investigates Fake TripAdvisor Reviews A few weeks back we reported on the stink being raised by the discovery that hotels were bribing their guests with discounts and free room stays if they wrote positive reviews about a property. We noted the corrupt or compromised reviews seemed most prevalent  in UK, and quoted TripAdvisor’s UK spokesperson as being rigorously opposed ... Read More »

How Will Google + and Panda Affect Travel?


How Will Google + and Panda Affect Travel? pretty bluntly said that Google +, in conjunction with Panda updates, “could be the biggest shift in search since it took off 13 years ago.” Up to now the mysterious ways of Google’s algorithms  were the greatest source of digital traffic to travel companies and their web sites or content pages. ... Read More »

When Travel Marketing Conferences Falls Short


When a Travel Marketing Conference Falls Short I went to the recently held, high-powered Association of Travel Marketing Executives (ATME) 2011 conference eager to pick up the latest in travel trends, and come back with content for an article on the forward-looking state of travel. Half way through the two day meet I began to feel I wasn’t getting what ... Read More »

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