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Boulangeries and Mercis: Canada’s French Eastern Townships

Boulangeries and Mercis: Canada’s French Eastern Townships The fields of deep lavender (Bleu Lavande) stretch vividly toward the green hills. Donkeys at the donkey ranch nuzzle their mistress, and the honey bees buzz about at the Miellerie Lune de Miel, the honey farm. About 150 miles south of Quebec and maybe 90 miles east of Montreal, the Eastern Townships of ... Read More »

The Madness and Joy of the Souks of Morocco


The Souks of Morocco “Play it for me, Sam. For old time’s sake. Play it again, Sam. Play ‘As Time Goes By.’” What a cast of characters they were, those bigger than life heroes from the movie classic, Casablanca. Well, even if you can’t find Rick’s Cafe Amercain, you’ll be glad you went to Morocco anyway. The Arabic for the ... Read More »

A long Tunisian Love Affair

A Tunisian Love Affair From Kaleel ftp etc Certain trips tease the heart with a promise of love. The sensation doesn’t come from the obviously beautiful like the Swiss Alps, or the awe-inspiring like St. Peter’s Basilica or the Louvre. But rather from an intangible “sense of place.” Out of her deep blue skies, impossibly translucent light and the medley ... Read More »

Canada’s Eastern Townships: Cantons de L’Est

The “Cantons De L’Est,” as the region is called in French are, to Anglophones, the Eastern Townships of Quebec, some 80 or so towns and hamlets with populations anywhere from 750 to maybe 3,000. Blessed with some of the best preserved, least commercial trails, lakes, mountains, streams and authentic villages, the townships so moved an editor of Yankee Magazine, that ... Read More »

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