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How Not to Eat Like an Ugly American


How Not to Eat Like an Ugly American: Or, How Best To Pass the Salt You’d think eating was risk-free, or at least faux pas free. It’s not Nor is travel, it seems. New Media Travel’s post How Not to Travel Like an Ugly American, highlights some of the cultural land mines that lie in wait for the unsuspecting traveler, ... Read More »

Why Does Airline Food Taste so Awful?


fth Why Does Airline Food Taste so Awful? Is it actually the food the airlines serve (when they do) that tastes so bad, or is it the flying experience make the food taste so awful? Wired Magazine reported that a handful of brave volunteers made “the ultimate sacrifice for science” and ate airline food. Voluntarily. Apparently a lab was set ... Read More »

The Perfect Hommus Recipe!

From Drop Box Hommus bi Tahini (with tahini) This has become a very familiar product in most grocery stores, but it’s so easy and cheap to make…and you can add your own ‘personal’ touch. Keep in mind the “bi Tahini” in Arabic means “with Tahini” and “Hommus” really means the beans. Basic recipe: 1 can of chick peas, drained Juice ... Read More »

On the Hummus Trail

From Drop Box It sounds and reads better in Arabic than English. And I know there are far better, more richly textured poems in Arabic (and English by Arabs) than this one, but apropos of our subject, on the Hummus Trail, this bit of doggerel by some anonymous Arab poet: “You can talk of your many vegetables from Morocco to ... Read More »

Labeneh, Olives and Middle East Pizza in Boston

From Drop Box Was a big surprise!! Walk into this rather tratoria, boutique pizza place called Target Pizza. On a busy corner. Next to some ho-hum shops, Target was classy. Intimate. Nice chairs, a small fireplace, exceptional sepia photographs from old Lebanon, Beirut I assume. Cascading olives and bushels of nuts. The owner, tall Lebanese guy with startling blue eyes, ... Read More »

Shuck ‘em and Eat ‘em: PEI Mussels and Oysters

Shuck ‘em and Eat ‘em Prince Edward Island’s Malpeque Oysters and Blue Mussels have earned Canada’s smallest province a big reputation worldwide. “Ten years ago, customers were ordering 200 pounds a week,” says mussel man Brian Fortune of Atlantic Aqua Farms in Orwell Cove. “Now, they’re taking 16,000 pounds a week.” With their sweet meat and glossy black shells, mussels ... Read More »

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