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The Curse of the Roaming Charge


The Curse of the Roaming Charge Or, roaming charges can be dangerous to your health. Heard the latest horror stories about travelers experiencing near-cardiac arrest when they get  the bill for roaming charges from their mobile provider? For example, Michelle Higgins, writing in The New York Times, tells the story of a Verizon customer traveling in Jamaica, who racked up ... Read More »

Airlines Give Passengers a Needed Break


An “Almost” Passenger Bill of Rights The airlines don’t give up easily, nor do they give much away. So when U.S. Department Transportation Secretary, Ray Lahood, announced that starting in August , airlines will be required to protect their passengers’ interests much more than they have, there were smiles on the faces of consumer advocates. Yahoo News, quoting the The ... Read More »

American Airlines Adds Another Fee


American Airlines Charges for Front Row Seats American Airlines (AMR Corp.) already charges for checked bags, priority boarding, booking on the phone, unaccompanied minors, pets and other so-called amenities. Now the airline, the country’s second largest after Delta, is charging between $19 and $35.00 (depending on the length of flight) for front row coach seats, those handful of rows known ... Read More »

New Travel Search Engine Adds Big Value To Airfare Searches

From From Kaleel New Travel Search Engine Adds Big Value To Airfare Searches Last week marked the debut of, a new breed of airfare meta search engine. Kayak and other legacy search engines are perfectly capable of coming up with comparative air fares, but the well-laid out, graphics-driven takes the search experience to a new level. It evaluates ... Read More »

Shrinking Planes Mean Higher Prices

From From Kaleel The “One Size Fits All” Airplane Means Higher Prices, More Congestion. What’s wrong with this picture? Airlines are reducing the size of their planes, employing mostly mid-size aircraft, thus cutting seat capacity. Simultaneously, they’re increasing the number of these smaller planes, making a mess of air hubs, schedules and already congested airports. Travel Industry publication, Travel Weekly, ... Read More »

Travel Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest

From Blogger Pictures Airline Fees Make Pet Owners Dishonest Nothing gets the ire up of travelers more than when their beloved pets are subject to unfair treatment… and fees by the hospitality industry are considered callous indeed. Which is why Robin Boggs, an Atlanta consultant, jams her pet Chihuahua in her carry on bag rather than pay the pet fee. ... Read More »

Paying to Pee During a Flight

From Blogger Pictures Paying to Pee: Airlines Charge for Toilet Use and Carry-on Luggage Nickel and diming passengers to death for what were once free in-board services is pretty typical for the airlines today. Like King Gillette’s famous business motto, give the razor away but charge for the blade, the airlines (say they) work hard to keep prices as low ... Read More »

Pay to Pee and Mad as Hell!

Ryanair, announced it was going to charge passengers a British Pound to use the toilet in flight!. British Air is asking its employees to work for nothing! Outrageous! What the hell. Maybe the only way for airlines to stop loosing money is to not fly passengers. When the airlines started charging for everything from pillows to soft drinks and baggage, ... Read More »

Don’t Pay For the Second Driver

Don’t Pay For the Second Driver Kaleel Sakakeeny One of travel’s most vexing tendencies is renting as car and having to pay for a second driver, sometimes having to fork over between 3 to 15 bucks a day extra. That’s a lot of money. With typical logic, the car rental companies tell us that the odds of an accident increase ... Read More »

Nickel and Diming Us to Death

Of course we all saw it coming. First the airlines starting charging for a second checked bag. Then a first checked bag. Then a buck for soda and coffee. Many seats like the more spacious emergency row seats now cost to reserve, and in some cases, a quarter of the seats on a flight carry a surcharge. Now, to no ... Read More »

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