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Drugging Kids on Flights


Drugging Kids on Flights Would you sedate your child on a flight? 
Are parents who do, wrong?
 A Wall Street Journal  article  reported that many parents “drug” or sedate their kids on planes so they’ll be less bothersome for the parents, flight attendants and fellow passengers. The “drug” of choice seems to be Benadryl, and while it does calm kids, ... Read More »

TMS Family Travel Summit Predicts Vacations Must Change As Families Change

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TMS Family Travel Summit Predicts Vacations Must Change As Families Change By Kyle McCarthy (Image/the women of the Family Travel Summit/TMS: Orlando With demand for family-friendly summer vacation destinations,  multigenerational accommodations and organized tours at an all-time high according to industry sources, the moms behind the first TMS Family Travel Summit decided to look at what “family travel” really means. ... Read More »

Creating Exciting Hotel Websites for Guests and SEO


Creating Exciting Hotel Websites for Guests…and SEO In a relatively recent article that proved very popular with readers and travel industry pros, New Media Travel asked, “Why Are Hotel Websites so Boring?” We had our own theories, especially the one that said hotels do not want to offend certain potential customers by showing, for example, mixed-race couples or, say,  real ... Read More »

Social Media Powers Family Travel Trends


Family Travel Grows Up: Family Travel Trends + Social Media By Kyle McCarthy, Family Travel Forum Forty-four per cent of adults bring children (and grandchildren) along on leisure travels. Taken as a group, they take more trips per year (4.5) than business travelers (3.9), Gen Y (3.9) or Gen X travelers (3.5), according to the 2012 Portrait of American Travelers ... Read More »

Family Travel Bloggers Unite, Take Center Stage


Family Travel Bloggers Unite, Take Center Stage From November 9-11, 2012, a trio of leading family travel “influencers” ushered in their annual  Family Travel Conference, a gathering of passionate, talented and savvy family travel bloggers and journalists from around the country. The venue was the huge, but responsive Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas. This is a group with clout…and Klout. ... Read More »

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