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Social Media Drives East Europe Indie Travel w/Video


Social Media Drives East Europe Indie Travel (please watch the Video PostCard here or below) By Hardie Karges Twenty years after the fall of Communism, tourism is finally on the rise in Eastern Europe, and for those in the know, it’s the number one tourist destination in the world—cheap, beautiful, and friendly.  So why is it so hard to find ... Read More »

Hostel Boom Follows Social Media Model


By Hardie Karges Travelers probably already know that hostels can save  a bunch of bucks in super-expensive Europe.  But they can save a lot of money in Asia, too.  Or Mexico, And  some now rival boutique hotels for style and atmosphere.  They aren’t just for youth anymore, either.  They are not your parents’ hostels! Though still in their infancy in ... Read More »

The Cross, The Crescent and The Sounds of Andalusia, Spain


5_Audi___Spain Audio Travel Postcard: Andalusia, Spain   Please click the player above to travel to Andalusia via the Sounds of Spain This Spain Audio and Video Postcard takes travelers on a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to  Grenada and Seville, among the country’s most authentic cites The Postcards are a unique video travel experience, taking viewers through the exciting cities of ... Read More »

How Tourism Ireland Took Top Social Media Prize

How Tourism Ireland Took Top Social Media Prize, And Deserved it. It was no surprise to us when Tourism Ireland was tapped as the winner in the “Best Use of Social Media” contest at the Travolution Awards in London. Luck of the Irish? Hardly . We’ve worked under contract with Tourism Ireland producing short-form Irish  Travel Video PostCards, and they ... Read More »

Iceland: Life on the Brink

Iceland: Life on the Brink Icelanders live on the edge. In 1783 the Laki Volcano in this glacier-covered country erupted in a violent and prolonged paroxysm, killing a fifth of the country’s population. For 10 months 30 billion tons of lava and sulfuric acid belched forth, creating a noxious haze that killed crops and livestock in Europe as it wound ... Read More »

Discovering Dublin w/1-min Video

Discovering Dublin, Ireland w/1-min Video I skipped down the stairs of our hotel, the Mont Clare, in fairly fashionable Merrion Square on a pharmacy mission. I turned the corner, passed an antiquated, rather haphazard shop, and stopped. A white-thatched, distinguished gentleman was sitting behind a counter, reading out loud to a few customers. I stopped to listen. It turns out ... Read More »

Portugal’s Precious Port Wine Trail

Portugal’s Precious Port Wine by Kaleel Sakakeeny The Port Wine Trail begins in the only place legally authentic Port can begin, in Oporto, Portugal’s second-largest city, and a three and a half hour train ride north from Lisbon. More importantly, it’s the gateway to the Douro Valley’s prized Port wine vineyards. The valley is really spectacular, a “must see,” and ... Read More »

Andalusia, Spain: Audio PostCard

Andalusia, Spain, or in the Arabic, Al Andalus, owes so much of its culture and tradition, even its language to the Moors, Arabs from North Africa who lived and enlightened this part of Europe for years. Listen to the 1-Minute Audio PostCard on Andalusia by clicking the player above. pr see the 1 minute Travel Video PostCard Read More »

Croatia-Dubrovnik: 1 Min Video PostCard

Lord Byron, the famous English poet, called the great walled city of Dubrovnik the pearl of the Adriatic From the geometry of Dubrovniks tiled roofs to Dubrovniks graceful and placid harbor, The medieval city of Dubrovnik rings with the sounds of history (Bell), surprises with elegant architecture, and delights with its arches and artistic flourishes One of the most beautiful ... Read More »

World’s Best Hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice Awards


World’s Best Hotels: TripAdvisor’s 2011 Travelers Choice Awards When TripAdvisor came out with its highly-publicized list of the world’s dirtiest hotels, many thought it was a shameless grab by the review giant for publicity. But others, including MSNBC, reported that the traveling public appreciated the list and used it in planning their travels. Now TripAdvisor gives us their Travelers Choice ... Read More »

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